About NIC Insurance Filings

The NIC Insurance Filings system provides an efficient process for insurance companies, managing general agents, and filing agents to submit insurance filings to participating states.

Users can file motor carrier insurance forms including Form E, Form H, Form K, state-specific forms like California's MCP-65 and MCP-66, high-risk personal auto insurance forms like SR-22 and SR-26, and the MCS90 federal form.

23 states participate in NIC Insurance Filings, including California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York and Iowa.

Users can log into their accounts to submit insurance forms, track the progress of filings, and download copies of documents filed through the system.

Similarly, users from participating states can log in to review insurance forms and approve and reject filings.

Filers are notified via automatic emails when a filing is approved or rejected.

NIC Insurance Filings also allows insurance companies to submit forms to multiple states at the same time, Insurance users pay a convenience fee of $5.50 per form, per state.

You can also use NIC Insurance Filings to generate and print paper forms to send to states that don't participate. The paper forms may be submitted via mail, fax or other methods.

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Web Service Integration

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